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A friend of mine recently signed a letter, L.Y.L.A.S., which was the valediction she and her best friend used when they were growing up.  It means “Love you like a sister” which set me to pondering. Because she is a believer, that makes her a sister in Jesus, or even better, a sister OF Jesus.  And so I began to think about the family of Jesus, and wondering what his sister would have been like.


Imagine this woman, this sister of Jesus.  A sister who no longer doubts, but truly believes and accepts that the brother she grew up with is THE Messiah.  Imagine that they grew up in the same small home and that she ate dinner with him and he helped her learn to tie her sandals.  Imagine him speaking tenderly to her and wiping her tears when she fell and scraped her knee, or laughing uproariously when they played a practical joke on their Mom.  Can you see her?  The little girl who once pestered her older brother, growing up to become a young woman who looked up to her brother? Did she look up to him when he hung on the cross for the penalty of her sins?  Did she marvel at the story that the women told when they returned from the empty tomb on Easter morning?  Is it possible that she saw the look on her mother’s face when Jesus returned?  Did she see the nail scared hands and look into his eyes?  Was she there at any of those events?


I don’t know if Jesus had sisters. I know he had brothers, but I hope he had sisters too. I like to think he did. I like to think that she learned how to love at not only her mother’s elbow but also at her brother’s side.  I like to think she had the same color of eyes and that she carried some of his gentle strength in her spirit.  I’d like to meet that girl. I’d like to hear her stories and understand her transformation from sisterly love to the love of the savior.  I’d like to walk to the well with her and talk about the living waters that are to flow through us because of him.  I’d like to sit at her table and talk about how he fed the 5,000 and how he feeds us yet today; the bread of life nourishing our souls.


Unfortunately, I can’t meet her, or walk to the well with her, or sit at her table. I wish I could.  But the Lord, in his infinite mercy, has sent sisters just the same.  Some are sisters by blood, others are sisters by spirit.  And we have the joyful mercy of sharing great blessings with one another.  We bear one another’s burdens.  We help train up each other’s children.  We walk through the fiery storms of illness, trauma and loss.   We celebrate successes and journeys and rejoice together when the prodigals return.  We are more than sisters, because we have the spirit of truth within us and we are not afraid to share it with one another.  We love inviting others to the circle of sisterhood, and rejoice that there is always room for more.  What great gifts we have in one another, and in Him.


Are you a sister of Jesus?  Then girlfriend, welcome to the circle.  And if you are not…pull up a chair and let’s have a chat.  You are loved.  You are welcome to the table of grace.  Jesus invites you.  And so do I.  Because…I love you like a Sister OF Jesus.


P.S.  According to Mark 6:3, Jesus did have sisters!  I can’t wait to meet them.  How about you?

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